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We provide each and every client with services to increase sales and generate quality leads for new interest.

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Customer Acquisition

Here at NBE Marketing we provide businesses with cost-effective customer acquisitions campaigns that will generate high quality leads and increase sales. We only use face to face direct marketing strategies; this allows us to talk to customers and educate them about the product or service on offer and answer any questions immediately. Building personal connections with customers is integral to every marketing campaign because it will increase customer satisfaction for our clients. Our marketing and sales techniques are personalised to meet each individual client requirements.

We offer:
- Personalised sales
- High customer satisfaction
- Instant feedback


Brand Awareness

We act as a brand ambassador representing your products and services. We understand consumer behaviour and buying patterns; meaning we can promote the brand to the correct customers at the correct time. Positive marketing and brand awareness is essential to increase sales numbers. This is where we align both the sales and marketing strategies.

We offer:
- Brand exposure
-Correct target market
- Aligning sales and marketing


Targeted Marketing

Your niche market must be your main focus. NBE Marketing prides itself on developing campaigns that are specific to a target audience. We can and will market your product or service in any geographic and to any demographic. We will go above and beyond to ensure this will happen.

We offer:
- Market research
- Competitor analysis