24 Mar

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience – Do You Know the Difference? Asks NBE Marketing

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience - Do You Know the Difference? Asks NBE Marketing

With focus shifting heavily towards customer experience for many brands, NBE Marketing outlines the difference between exceptional customer service, and curating a positive, memorable customer experience.

In the digital age of electronic word-of-mouth customer service has never been so important, yet many businesses continue to lose sight of the difference between the overall customer experiences.

Sales and marketing firm, NBE Marketing, define customer experience as the sum of all interactions customers have with a brand – ranging from the initial awareness of a company, right through to the purchase of products and services. The experience encompasses every potential aspect of a company’s relationship with their consumers, from the quality of after sales care, to reputation management, to marketing, packaging, product and service features – such as ease of use, product reliability and beyond.

Together these all add up to the critical moments and touch points that create an organisation’s overall customer experience. NBE Marketing believes that it is crucial in today’s customer experience environment that businesses go beyond the traditional definition of customer service, as they argue that the bigger picture of what happens before and after these service interactions is what defines their reputation. The firm believes that truly understanding customer needs, wants and emotions and staying up to date with industry expectations and stereotypes is absolutely key to creating personalised, memorable interactions.

NBE marketing believes that instilling high levels of customer experience into a company’s culture can safeguard against falling short of the expectations set by consumers. Having an organisational common purpose sets an example of the desired customer experience at an emotional level, and it is the essential foundation on which all other service decisions can be developed (HBR, 2016). NBE believes that it illustrates to employees what the business stands for and why they exist.

NBE Marketing argues that an excellent customer experience is essential for any business, as it can drive levels of customer loyalty, increase customer acquisition and improve customer retention. A quality customer experience is likely to produce lifelong customers, and a steady revenue stream for a business. It is also likely to increase the amount of customers who would consider themselves strong advocates of the brand, capable of generating masses of positive word-of-mouth both on and offline for the company. This is why NBE Marketing believes that providing exceptional service should be viewed as an economic asset instead of an expense, because the return on investment for providing consistently exceptional service clearly justifies any short-term cost.

NBE Marketing is committed to consistently improving their customer service and customer experience to ensure all customers get the best service possible. The sales and marketing company offers a wide range of outsourced services to businesses looking to boost their market reputation. Through face-to-face engagement the firm meets with customers on their clients’ behalf, taking time to personalise the customer experience and deliver only the most relevant products and services. This friendly and adaptable approach to marketing has helped the firm’s clients to secure higher than average ROIs and maintain more positive relationships with their target audiences.