We are Sheffield’s newest marketing specialists providing outsourced marketing and sales solutions to increase our client’s market share. We pride ourselves on using the most direct and tangible forms of marketing whilst building personalised relationships with customers from the initial point of a sale. This relationship building is just the beginning of a long lasting and loyal relationship between our client and their customers.

Our innovative face to face marketing campaigns are executed based on our client’s budgets, objectives and market requirements. In return, we offer a guaranteed high return on investment and we promise to deliver measurable results. We are a passionate company and thrive in exposing new consumers to the products and services you offer in ways that will resound with them. We believe that face to face interaction is the best form of marketing available in today’s market, producing the best results.

the process


We’ll discuss your marketing goals, target audience and the product’s USPs to ensure the campaign best suits your needs.


We will test your campaign in a range of different locations to determine what offers the best results.


Our dynamic and results-driven sales force will deliver your campaign to your customers, where you will be provided with instant results

Why NBE Marketing?

NBE Marketing is a small business based in this entrepreneurial hotspot. Most UK businesses today are small. Two-thirds are owned and run by one person. In the UK just over 2.5 million UK workers are self-employed, one in eight of all workers. It's from small companies like us that tomorrow’s big names will arise. Small businesses are well placed to build personal relationships with customers and clients. With a small business you know who you are dealing with. Face to face interaction is as important as ever in building strong relationships.

What do we do?

As a company, we are committed to providing our clients with tailor-made marketing campaigns that are adapted to suit a specific target market; we will work to suit your needs.  Our face to face marketing approach means we can generate measurable and immediate results for our clients, making it possible to achieve company goals.

  • Direct Marketing

We tailor make competitive direct marketing campaigns for our clients that are financially efficient, customer focussed and generate measurable results.

  • Customer Loyalty

By using face to face marketing methods, we build strong customer relationships from the initial point of contact.  This initial relationship building matures resulting in brand loyal customers who are satisfied through excellent customer service.

  • Increased Exposure

We boost our client’s revenue by promoting their brand to a high volume of customers every day.